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Azati Jrambar

Dubbed as the Caucasian Silicon Valley, Armenia has a proud history of innovative excellence. Armenians are credited for cutting-edge inventions and creative solutions like the MRI machine, the ATM, the color TV and automatic transmission

Currently, tech is such a priority in this country, that ICT has been declared one of the three strategic areas of focus by the Government of Armenia.

Companies like Ucraft, Picsart and Krisp are helping Armenia establish a worldwide reputation as an emerging tech hub experiencing massive growth.

4% of Armenia's GDP comes from IT, on par with most developed countries.


Here are three non-tech facts about this off-the-beaten-path country that might pique your interest:

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Armenia has more chess grandmasters per capita than any other country. The game has such importance, it's a mandatory part of the public school curriculum.

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Armenia is home to the world's oldest winery. It's 6100 years old and is  located in a cave near the Areni village (2-hour drive from Yerevan).

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The world's first book of arithmetic problems was created by an Armenian scientist in the 6th century. You can see it at Matenadaran, the museum of ancient manuscripts in downtown Yerevan.

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